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Distinguished Service Award for David G. Hawksworth

David G. Hawksworth

David G. Hawksworth
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David George Hawksworth joined Oxford Magnet Technology in 1981 as a member of the project team that built the first 1.5 Tesla, one-meter bore, superconducting magnet for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Appointed engineering manager in 1983, he recruited and led the engineering team responsible for development and support of superconducting and resistive magnets in complete MRI systems. Hawksworth was appointed engineering director in 1987.

While director, Hawksworth's team developed "active shield technology" which revolutionized the design of MRI magnets by reducing the stray magnetic field using superconducting cancellation coils rather than an iron yoke. Active shield technology reduced stray-field footprint and lowered system weight from 30 tonnes to five tonnes. These advances helped site MRI magnets in hospitals. Active shield technology was recognized by the Queen's Awards for Technological Achievement in 1985 and 1991 and another in 1996 for the design of the world's first open magnet.

Hawksworth is currently managing director of Oxford Magnet Technology Limited where he is responsible for all aspects of the business for the manufacture and development of MRI magnets and associated electronics. The company has sales of more than $120 million and employs 400 people. The company produces 450 MRI systems per year of which 97 percent are exported.

Hawksworth earned his BSc at the University of Bath and his MSc at the University of Lancaster, England. He earned his PhD from the UW-Madison Materials Science Program and has maintained professional contact with the college's Applied Superconductivity Center.

Hawksworth has authored and co-authored more than 17 papers for publication and given numerous invited talks.

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