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Distinguished Service Award for Jeffrey Fang

Jeffrey Fang

Jeffrey Fang
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Jeffrey Fang is the youngest son of Fang Shui Chow, a Shanghai native who immigrated to Hong Kong and built up the textile manufacturing business Fang Brothers Textile Ltd. His father's success allowed Fang to pursue chemical engineering at UW-Madison.

Upon graduation, Fang joined the family business and for 17 years he and his brothers built the company into one of the largest sweater manufacturing companies in Asia. Fang and his wife Christine were pioneers who, with a few others, introduced design and development into the primitive garment manufacturing industry. Their company, Toppy International, a subsidiary of Fang Brothers Ltd., manufactured exclusively for labels such as Liz Claiborne, Gap, and Marks and Spencer. Over a period of time, 20 factories were established not only in Hong Kong but also in China, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Ireland, Mexico and the United States. More than 10,000 staff are now employed by Toppy International worldwide.

It was in the latter 1980s that Fang and his wife turned their interest to retailing using a small factory outlet as a base. Today, Toppy International is a ladies fashion chain that has built brands such as Episode, Jessica and Colour Eighteen. Toppy International is one of the few retail companies in Asia that is successful in selling its product in New York, Chicago, London and Paris.

Toppy International is retailing five labels in more than 200 stores in 28 countries. In 1994, the Hong Kong International Business award was presented to Fang and his company in recognition of their achievements.

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