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Distinguished Service Award for Chung-Hyun Nam

Chung-Hyun Nam

Chung-Hyun Nam
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When Chung-Hyun Nam joined Daewoo Engineering Company in 1978, the engineering consulting field was just emerging, largely in response to Korea's rapid industrial growth. Under Nam's leadership, Daewoo Engineering became Korea's leading engineering and construction company employing more than 1,000 engineers.

Nam earned a BS in architectural engineering from Seoul National University in 1961. He served as an officer in the Korea Air Force and earned an MS in civil engineering from the University of California-Berkeley in 1968. He earned his PhD in structural engineering from UW-Madison in 1973.

Nam worked in Madison from 1972-74 with Mechanical Design, Inc. and Flad and Associates as a structural engineer before moving to Ralph M. Parsons Co. in California. There he participated in several large-scale projects such as the Prudhoe Bay Facilities Project in Alaska and the Yanbu Industrial Complex in Saudi Arabia. He returned to Korea in 1978 to become the vice president of Daewoo Engineering Company, an engineering consulting firm founded in 1976.

Nam became chief executive officer in 1985 and has since guided Daewoo Engineering in expanding its capabilities to fields ranging from chemical and industrial plants to power, environment, system automation, transportation and infrastructures. His emphasis on quality and technical excellence has pushed Daewoo Engineering to the forefront of leading technologies such as clean rooms, automated crane operation with infrared technology, and high-speed rail and mass transit systems. He also succeeded in involving the company with a number of overseas projects in some 20 countries including China, France, Guam, Pakistan, Sudan, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.

Nam's contribution to the successful opening of Seoul Subway lines three and four was noted with a Presidential Award from the Korean Government in 1985. He also received the Engineer of the Year Award in 1993 from Seoul National University College of Engineering. In addition to his other responsibilities, Nam taught courses on structural engineering at Seoul National University.

In his free time, Nam visits the mountains and enjoys playing the French horn. Nam and his wife In-Kyung have raised two daughters.

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