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Distinguished Service Award for Juzar Motiwalla

Juzar Motiwalla

Juzar Motiwalla
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Juzar Motiwalla is an internationally recognized industrial engineer and systems scientist who has been instrumental in the development of the Singapore Information Technology Plan. As director of the Institute for Systems Sciences (ISS) in Singapore, he is leading his country's research and development efforts in applied computer sciences. ISS is recognized as one of the top computer research laboratories in the Far East.

Motiwalla earned a bachelor's of business administration from the University of Singapore in 1972. He credits his strong appreciation for applying the systems perspective to the world's problems to his exposure to a diverse set of courses at UW-Madison. He earned an MS in 1973 and PhD in 1977 in industrial engineering at UW-Madison.

Motiwalla joined the National University of Singapore's Department of Business Administration as a lecturer and in 1981 was promoted to senior lecturer. In 1982, he became deputy director of the university's Institute of Systems Science and in 1983 was named director.

One of Motiwalla's many strengths is his ability to foster growth through international cooperation. For example, ISS recently established a Center for Information-Enhanced Medicine with Johns Hopkins University. In addition, Motiwalla lead the development of several large international ventures with U.S. computer companies, including a speech laboratory with the Apple Corporation and a systems engineering venture with IBM.

Motiwalla is also an international leader in the professional community. He is on the editorial board of three major technical journals, has chaired or co-chaired nine major international conferences, has served on numerous government computer and research and development advisory committees, and has co-authored two books on systems engineering.

Motiwalla and his wife Virginia enjoy spending time with their infant son Danyal.

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