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Distinguished Service Award for Ronald E. Mengel

Ronald E. Mengel

Ronald E. Mengel
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Ron Mengel has been a dynamic participant in food-oriented engineering for more than 23 years. After receiving his BS in mechanical engineering from UW-Madison in 1972, he joined Oscar Mayer Foods Corporation (OMFC) in Madison, Wisconsin, as a management trainee. Throughout his career, Mengel has consistently worked to merge the demands of the business environment with the technical opportunities of innovative engineering.

As director of category engineering for Kraft, Inc., Mengel leads category engineering and business activities across eight major food-based divisions, 98 plants and three corporate locations. Under his leadership, the engineering staff has created and submitted for patents 35 new processes and applications, with five patents awarded thus far. His team is introducing ISO 9000 plans, which are being implemented across Kraft engineering.

As an engineer in management, Mengel has reshaped the structure of the Kraft Engineering Department into process teams and was a sponsor of the category team concept.

Mengel's dedication to creative design engineering enabled him to lead the design and construction of two facilities with unique characteristics for the meat industry. His team's design of continuous loaf processing machinery for square luncheon meat continues to be the lowest cost, highest quality square-loaf process in the world. Mengel's extensive knowledge of computerized automation systems, remote computer monitoring and robotic line applications, has helped maintain Kraft, Inc. as a premier food company.

Mengel has served on the Advisory Board of the UW School of Business and the Board of Visitors for the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He has also been a member of Robotics International of the Society of Mechanical Engineers (SME) and the Society of Mechanical Engineers since 1983.

As a Wisconsin native, Mengel enjoys many outdoor activities including skiing and biking. He and his wife, Jennifer, support the MS Society of Wisconsin in its annual bike tour. Mengel has two children; Wade, a sophomore at ASU in Tempe, Arizona and Brooke, a senior at East High School in Madison.

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