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Fall Cover
Fall 1986
Volume 13, Number 1

Engines, materials, space research gets $16 million /
UW x-ray program holds bright promise for US chip industry /
College will award citations to eight on Enigineers' Day '86

Winter Cover
Winter 1986-87
Volume 13, Number 2

Extending the senses: images for blind, touch for astronauts /
Teaching, research honors to Scidmore, Boom /
Aurora: prelude to the custom-designed hearing aid

Spring Cover
Spring 1987
Volume 13, Number 3

Three faculty win young investigator awards /
IEs study safety, stress, technology /
Z-ray lithography for chips: what it is, why it's important

  Summer Cover
Summer 1987
Volume 13, Number 4

Alumni to endow a $1.25 million chemcial engineering professorship /
College research pivotal to SSC /
College programs make Japanese technology accessible

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