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February 1977
February 1977
Volume 4, Number 1

Solid waste disposal: hammering out a solution /
Underwater apparatus imporoves diver efficiency /
The atomic fingerprint: neutron activation analysis

March 1977
March 1977
Volume 4, Number 2

UW engineers design solar energy research house /
Unique design components to improve efficiency of solar heathing system /
CONVLINC: a new minicomputer language for biomedical engineers

April 1977
April 1977
Volume 4, Number 3

A new technique for looking at the lungs /
Gas monitoring from sanitary landfills /
Surface analysis by auger electron spectroscopy

  May 1977
May 1977
Volume 4, Number 4

Silencing the snowbmobile /
Electrifying research: lighting protections /

Fall Cover
Fall 1977
Volume 4, Number 5

Awards to be presented at Engineers Day dinner /
Flywheel car: off the drawing board and on the road /
Cry6ogenic recycling has shattering results

Winter Cover
Winter 1977
Volume 4, Number 6

Engineers take aim at Horicon geese /
Microprocessors lead electronics revolution /
Products liability: engineering and the law

Spring Cover
Spring 1978
Volume 4, Number 7

Engineers perform hospital checkups /
Human systems: redesigning the workplace /
Tower power: designing stronger transmission lines

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