University of Wisconsin Madison College of Engineering
Advancing Healthcare

The rapid pace of technological development presents both challenges and solutions for the advancement of human health. Interdisciplinary research in the College of Engineering provides a path to safely, efficiently and quickly integrate new technologies into the healthcare marketplace.

At the intersection of science and engineering disciplines, we are creating new methods and technologies for drug delivery, tissue regeneration, medical imaging and early detection and treatment of cancers. Research projects continue to provide deeper understanding of stem cells, viruses, protein development, cellular processes and the human brain. Our experts in quality, human factors, decision-making and optimization are working to build a better healthcare delivery system which is critical to controlling healthcare costs.

The explosive growth of communications technologies promises a new era of personalized healthcare and our researchers are leaders in creating and implementing medical informatic systems that reduce costs and allow individuals a greater role in managing their own health in a secure, integrated way. Through careful analysis and engineering our faculty have pioneered systems and devices to assist the disabled and make products more usable for everyone. The great depth and breadth of research at the UW-Madison College of Engineering provides our faculty and staff the environment to explore and innovate solutions that have tremendous impact on the advancement of healthcare.


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