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Accessible Scanned Documents

Webpages should be accessible by as many site visitors as possible, including people who rely on screen readers or other alternative devices for using webpages. At UW-Madison, websites must comply with U.S. Section 508 Guidelines. Every effort is made to check PDF files for accessibility before posting.

Making scanned documents accessible:

Handwritten notes, articles, and book pages

Please add this message to the webpage that links to the PDF —

Most browsers can open the PDF file on this page. If you need a free PDF viewer, please visit the Adobe Acrobat Reader webpage. Please contact us for a printout or alternative format.

Be sure to include your contact information on the page.

Printed documents

If the original electronic files for the documents are available, consider converting them to PDF directly from the originating application instead of scanning printouts of the documents. Instructions are available at

Another option is to use an optical character recognition (OCR) scan instead of a scan that just turns the page into a photograph. The text files created by an OCR scan usually need some editing to resolve any errors. Sometimes the scanner reads ones as els, for instance.

Consider converting the materials to conventional webpages.

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