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Accessible Movies: Closed Captions

Webpages should be accessible by as many site visitors as possible, including people who rely on screen readers or other alternative devices for using webpages. At UW-Madison, websites must comply with U.S. Section 508 Guidelines. Every effort is made to add closed captioning to movies on the College of Engineering website; priority is given to movies on homepages.

Settings for Windows Media Player

  1. Open Windows Media Player.
  2. Find the menu. In the latest version, the menu might be hidden. Look for a small down-arrow on the right end of the window title bar. Click it and a menu opens. Choose Show Menu Bar.
  3. Check the version. Closed captions work in versions 9 and greater. To find the version, in the Windows Media Player menu select Help > About Windows Media Player.

    If you need to update your version, choose Help > Check for Player Updates.

  4. To open a Windows Media Player file with closed captioning on the COE website, click the link label. To download a Windows Media Player file with closed captioning to your computer, click the right mouse button and choose Save Target As.
  5. To see the closed captions, check your copy of Windows Media Player for these settings:

    1. Open the View menu > choose Full Mode.

      Captions might not appear at all in Skin Mode.

    2. Open the Tools menu > select Options > select the Security tab > check "Show local captions when present."
    3. Captions will not appear unless you check this setting.

    4. Open the Play menu > select Captions and Subtitles > choose On, if Available.

Download Windows Media Player

For Windows:
For Macintosh:

For Web Developers: Creating Closed Captions

Visit the Videos page or contact for more information.

The University of Wisconsin-System offers a license to HiSoftware, which includes an application to check webpages for accessibility requirements and an application for closed captioning Windows Media Files. Download both products for full access to the captioning tools. Visit

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